document classifiers powered by ai

We reinvented ID verification by using artificial intelligence and deep learning neural networks. That's how we recognize each type of identification document within milliseconds and with unprecedented accuracy. Is privacy important to you? With Verifai, your ID verification operations are 100% GDPR-compliant. Thanks to our neural networks, you can mask sensitive personal information from any type of document.

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cutting-edge technologies

Verifai uses cutting-edge technologies to recognize which type of identification document you are scanning. We get the job done thanks to AI and deep machine learning. We fed our neural networks thousands of images of specimen documents, which resulted in deep learning algorithms that can recognize the document type, the issuing country and the exact document model within 30 milliseconds.

live masking of personal data

Verifai provides live masking templates to ensure that only the required personal data is processed. Nothing more, nothing less. That's how we help firms who seek to integrate an id verification procedure into their systems to become fully GDPR compliant. Good to know, all data of our customer's clients will be processed locally or on the servers of our clients. This way, sensitive personal data never reaches our servers.

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personalize masking templates

hospitality example

Verify the identity of your guests to ensure a flawless check-in procedure. Mask sensitive personal data to the convenience of your guests and according to EU privacy regulations.

telco example

As telco, you need to verify the identity of your customers. Verifai allows you to block all unneccessary personal data of your customers. This way you will be able to verify the identity of your customers in accordance with the GDPR.

bank example

We understand your need to be KYC and AML-compliant. Verifai lets you choose which data zones you would like to hide on the IDs of your customers.

border control example

No masking templates are required for governmental agencies such as border control. Obviously, Verifai lets you extract a high-resolution photo without any masking templates in these cases.

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