nfc chip authentication

With Verifai, you can ensure authenticity of any eID or ePassport by using our state-of-the-art NFC-check functionality. This feature is available for both Android and iOS, although iOS requires an external Bluetooth NFC reader to verify the chip.

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nfc chip authentication for android

Verifai's Android SDK enables you to read and authenticate the RFID chip in ePassports and eIDs straight from your device. Almost all recent Android devices have a built-in NFC reader. Authenticate an identification document within a few seconds, anywhere and anytime. Verifai automatically checks the certificate of the chip against the official root certificate of the issuing country. This way, Verifai provides airtight security on the authenticity of a document!

nfc chip authentication for ios

When you use iOS devices, Verifai's iOS SDK gets the job done. Thanks to an external Bluetooth  NFC reader that is fully compatible with Verifai, you can use the same NFC authentication features as we offer on Android. Simply connect the reader to your device and you are ready to go. It couldn’t be easier. Extract a high-resolution pass photo, authenticate the chip by checking against root certificates or compare the data on the chip with the data on the document. It's all possible!

authenticate anywhere and anytime

certificate check

Scan the RFID chip in any ePassport or eID to check whether the certificate on the chip complies with the root certificate of the issuing country.

matching data

Perform a reference check to ensure that the data on the document matches the data on the chip.

global coverage

Our NFC functionality supports almost all ICAO standardized eMTRD and eDL (Netherlands) chipsets in the world.

authenticate on all devices

Whether you use Android, iOS or passports scanners, Verifai can read the chip of an identification document within seconds.

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