manual check for security features

Do you wish to perform an extensive check on the authenticity of a document? Verifai gets the job done! Upon request, we can show the user how specific security features on identity documents should look like. For each document we know and automatically show where and what to look for. This saves valuable look-up time!

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recognize fraudulent and fake documents

We love technology, that's why we aim to automate ID verification in a secure manner. Smart technologies in combination with manual checks are the perfect way to recognize fraudulent and fake documents. Verifai enables you to perform some manual checks on security features. We automatically show where and what to look for. This will increase the chance of detecting fraudelent users even faster!

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how it works

After Verifai has recognized a document, you can choose whether or not to perform our security features check. Verifai will pick up some security features automatically and show them in a random order. This ensures that a person committing fraud will never know which security features are inspected.

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