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Sell a complete solution to your customers by making Verifai part of your offering.


Expand your product offering with help of our innovative solutions for identity proofing.

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Receive referral fees for every qualified lead you refer to us and that chooses to use our solutions.

Technology partner

Accelerate your user's growth across markets by exploring product integration partnership opportunities with us.

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Organizations from all industries trust Verifai for its innovative AI-driven technologies with the highest reliability, the best user experience, and the highest standards of security and privacy. Join our partner community and let’s work together so you can grow quickly and reach more customers.

One contract

One contract gives you access to the entire platform to establish identities effortlessly and effectively.

Global reach

Verify individuals, anywhere in the world, with global coverage for documents, countries, and languages.

World-leading platform

Let’s solve the identity puzzle together by using or contributing to our certified platform.


Get rewarded when you refer clients to us.

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Besides access to a unified identity service platform, there are many more benefits to Verifai’s partnership offering. We'd love to get in touch with you for a tailored plan.

White label offering

Rebrand our solutions as if it were your own.

Joint marketing initiatives

Explore co-branding and co-marketing opportunities with us.

Demo environment

Use our solutions in a demo environment to showcase it to potential users.

Best-in-class support

Benefit from extensive technical and sales support.

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