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Verifai is an unique id verification service platform, that offers state-of-the-art ID verification software tools perfect for every use case. Our software enables you to verify identity documents at unprecedented speed, with incredible accuracy and is implemented in no time. Revolutionize your business today.

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SDK packages

Our iOS, Android, Windows and server-side SDK solutions are seamlessly implemented into your own applications with minimal effort and in no time.

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The ready-to-use apps for iOS and Android will enable your user to verify his identity in a matter of seconds. Perfect for both F2F and remote interaction with your customer.

modular components

Only using a part of our solution? Select your specific modular server-side component to serve as the final piece of your puzzle.

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The most affordable verification solution in the market with 71.7% lower prices compared to alternatives.

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We develop SDKs that can be implemented flawlessly without too much effort. No complex code, no redundancy. Verifai is designed with a strong focus on the developer. This way, it’ll run in the blink of an eye.

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