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Verifai is an extraordinarily smart OCR software development kit, which can authenticate identification documents in a matter of seconds. With significant lower prices compared to alternatives, Verifai is the most affordable verification solution in the market. Easily integrate ID verification in your check-out flow or business processes today.

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the complete sdk to verify identity

Verifai creates the most powerful ID verification software tools to verify identity. Whether you're verifying passports, residential permits, or driving licences, Verifai's powerful iOS, Android, Windows, and server-side SDK solutions help improve your ID verification procedure significantly. Integration of our SDK is simple and fast; it takes a couple of hours to successfully implement Verifai.

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what sets verifai apart

speed done right

By using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning, we offer identity verification that takes place within seconds. This makes us the fastest verification solution in the market.

precision done right

Verifai becomes smarter over time, learning how to be even more powerful with every single ID scan. Moreover, we support countless forms of IDs. And that’s tough to beat.

security done right

We guarantee full protection of personal data through local, offline storage. With Verifai, you can finally ask customers to scan sensitive data in good conscience.

pricing done right

The most affordable verification solution in the market with 71.7% lower prices compared to alternatives.

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what Verifai offers you

fast and simple use

With an extremely UX-friendly interface and fast scan speeds, scanning will take your customer no effort or time.

complete and seamless SDK

Verifai is designed to be the most powerful ID verification software tool available. That’s why our SDK can be integrated perfectly in iOS, Android and Windows applications.


The effectiveness of AI saves our developers a lot of time. This way, you pay the absolute minimum for the absolute maximum. Welcome to market-disrupting pricing.

continuous updates

Our software is updated regularly, at no additional cost. With Verifai, you always have the most advanced software at your disposal, without question.

verifai is built for you

We develop SDKs that can be implemented flawlessly without too much effort. No complex code, no redundancy. Verifai is designed with a strong focus on the developer. This way, it’ll run in the blink of an eye.

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We can’t wait to give your customers the best ID-verification experience ever. Can you? Contact us when you’re ready! Our team will support you wherever needed.

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