Web SDK (SaaS)

Identity verification APIs to support your web application

A clear image of your customer’s identity

Verify the identity of your customers. Scan, authenticate and extract text from passports, driver's licenses, ID cards, and other travel documents within seconds. Fits into any business process, regardless of use case and platform.

Increase satisfaction & conversion

Your customer wants to get over and done with the identity verification step as quickly as possible. Why let legitimate customers wait? Verifai lets your customers verify their identity digitally and in real-time via simple steps using our software, so they can proceed using your product in no-time.

Accelerate digital customer onboarding

Forget about the time-consuming and tedious onboarding processes that drive potential customers away. Realize a smooth multilingual onboarding experience by using our software to verify the identity of your customers.

All the features you need to know your customers

Capture data from identity documents with ease

Facilitate a streamlined handover from PC to mobile

  • Allow users to capture their ID using their mobile phone while on desktop. 
  • Fast and user-friendly mobile handover, no app install required.
  • Supports SMS and QR codes.
  • Once captured, the user is redirected back to the desktop.

Increase customer trust with privacy filters

  • Block non-required sensitive personal data.
  • Fully adaptable to your requirements.
  • Store a secure copy of the ID in your systems.
  • Comply with international privacy laws.

Keep control of who you let in and who you don't

  • Have full control over the document types and countries you want to allow.
  • Configurable automatic rejection of documents that have expired.
  • Set optional additional validators as desired.

Easily integrated APIs and SDKs

Our JavaScript-powered software development kit (SDK) for the web gives you all the tools you need to seamlessly add identity verification to your web application, whether it’s a website or a progressive web app. You implement a plugin, we do the rest. Because of the flexible structure you decide which components of Verifai you use. The SDK is extremely easy-to-use so that you'll have it up and running within a day.

Example app for developers

Need web integration, but don't know where to start? Start with our example web app. This way you get Verifai working in a snap.

Support center

Do you have questions? Then take a look at our extensive support center. And if your question hasn't been answered yet, we're always ready to help you.

The identity verification platform built for security and growth

Gain a competitive advantage with fast and easy-to-use identity verification. Verifai's integrated platform lets you grow your business without hassle.

Data protection for tomorrow, built in today’s product

Customers expect a safe and transparent process, especially when it concerns personal data. At Verifai, the protection of personal data is top priority. According to the principle of privacy by design, we minimize data processing and maximize data confidentiality. Both within our own processes and by encouraging our customers to do the same.

Don't leave legitimate customers in the dark

Customers value their time and they expect you to value it too. Achieve a fast and fluid easy-to-use verification process with Verifai, while minimizing identity fraud risks. With our software, you guarantee an optimal experience for every user.

A dashboard to manage all your solutions in one place

Complete insight in scans and statistics, allowing you to stay in control of the costs. Manage the rights and permissions of co-workers so that only the appropriate person has access to the right information. And with unconditional access to all our SDKs and APIs for mobile & web, you always have the latest version at your fingertips. 

We deliver the tools, you control them

Whether you want a secure copy of an identity document, process data of such a document, or check the document ownership, Verifai offers the complete package to support any organization. You decide what you need and we make it happen. On top of that, all data processing is fully compliant with legal requirements.

Let's get started

We can’t wait to give your customers the best identity verification experience ever. Can you?