Our story

Making identity fraud a thing of the past

The identity verification platform of the future

How do you create the best experience for establishing someone’s true identity in a digital world? In 2016, Belsimpel.nl (internationally known as Gomibo) faced this question. Belsimpel.nl is the largest independent Dutch retailer of mobile devices, subscriptions, and accessories. When purchasing a phone with a subscription, a robust identity verification method is required. The identity verification process, however, was still mostly paper-based and inefficient. Since the goal is to provide their customers with the best customer experience anywhere, anytime, they wanted to simplify and digitize the process. The company looked for a simple, affordable and effective way of digital identity verification, but no solution checked all the boxes. Market incumbents used outdated techniques, were not innovative and above all not transparent. They decided to develop a solution themselves that could meet the rapidly evolving needs of today's fast-growing global companies, as the number of identity fraud cases grows and so does the need for innovative solutions.

In 2017, this culminated in a spin-off that was launched into the market under the name Verifai. Verifai’s identity verification platform is available for businesses of all sizes and is made to fit any use case seamlessly. Our mission is to make identity fraud a thing of the past. We want to achieve that by offering modular, easy-to-use and above all affordable solutions for identity verification so that our customers have a total understanding of the identity of their customers. 

Where we’re heading

Building the tools for higher customer engagement

Know Your Customer (KYC) legislation forces companies to employ demanding methods to get a good picture of their customers' identities. Despite this, the growth of identity fraud has not levelled off or even decreased, resulting in even more customer involvement in the KYC process and an increasing level of poor customer experience. 

Verifai takes a different approach. We apply three main pillars in everything we do:

  • Providing our customers a complete picture of the identity of their customers to start off the relationship.
  • Building solutions that meet the highest standards of security and compliance to safely continue the customer relationship.
  • Help companies to build the best user experience to foster growth and to achieve the winning relationship.

Going global

Companies worldwide and of all sizes rely on Verifai's identity verification solutions. With a database of more than 2,000 identity documents from over 150 countries that is growing continuously, we are ready to verify your customers. But we don't stop there: our goal is to continue giving your organization the best. The best solutions for identity proofing, identity authentication and identity lifecycle management. Because criminals are getting smarter every day, and we must always be one step ahead.

Let's get started

We can’t wait to give your customers the best identity verification experience ever. Can you?