Reading an NFC chip on a mobile phone
Document authentication

Verify the authenticity of identity documents

Know Your Customer

Know your customer

Prevent your products from being misused for criminal activities such as money laundering, fraud or terrorist financing. Deploy our identity verification software as part of your Know Your Customer process and get insight into whether your customer is actually who he says he is.

An airtight proof of authenticity


Keep fraudulent identity documents at bay. Confirm that ePassports and eIDs are authentic at government level through a quick NFC check. No knowledge of identity documents required. Suitable for physical and remote verification.

Increase satisfaction & conversion

Conversion funnel

Your customer wants to get over and done with the identity verification step as quickly as possible. Why let legitimate customers wait? Verifai lets your customers verify their identity digitally and in real-time via simple steps using our software, so they can proceed using your product in no-time.

How it works

Person holding a mobile device ready to perform an NFC check

NFC authenticity check

Verifai offers the possibility to check the authenticity of a biometric document through an easy-to-use NFC check. By comparing the certificates of the document with the root certificate of the issuing country, proof of authenticity at government level is guaranteed. The entire process takes no longer than a few seconds.

  •  Available in our Android & iOS SDKs.
  • Supports most biometric IDs worldwide.
Mobile device showing the security features check screen

Manual security features check

Verifai enables you to perform some manual checks on security features. We automatically instruct the user agent where and what to look for. Security features are shown automatically and in random order.

  • Available in our Android & iOS SDKs.
  • Large identity document coverage, with over 2,000 documents from 150 countries.
Mobile device showing the data cross-check screen

Manual data crosscheck

Add an extra step to manually check if all data on the document is consistent. Ideal for face-to-face identity verification. Easily detect the most blatant fraud cases. 

  • Available in our Android & iOS SDKs.
  • Large identity document coverage, with over 2,000 documents from 150 countries.

Start verifying your customers today

Mobile SDK, Web SDK or ready-to-use app? Choose the products that suit you best and create the best customer experience for every use case.

The identity verification platform built for security and growth

Gain a competitive advantage with fast and easy-to-use identity verification. Verifai's integrated platform lets you grow your business without hassle.
Worldwide document support

Take advantage of our extensive ID database

Verifai currently supports over 2,000 identity documents from more than 140 countries or territories, including passports, ID cards, residence permits and driver's licenses. And if the document is not known? In that case too, we make sure that the user can proceed through the verification procedure. This way, your conversion is maximized.

Maximize conversion rates

Maximize conversion, minimize drop-offs

Organizations often unnecessarily add extra friction to the verification process, causing potential clients to drop out early. That does not have to be the status quo. Earn more money with first-class identity verification. With Verifai, you streamline the identity verification process, maximizing conversions and minimizing drop-offs.

Data proctection and privacy

Data protection for tomorrow, built in today’s product

Customers expect a safe and transparent process, especially when it concerns personal data. At Verifai, the protection of personal data is top priority. According to the principle of privacy by design, we minimize data processing and maximize data confidentiality. Both within our own processes and by encouraging our customers to do the same.

Technical support

The best technical support to ensure success

Are you having difficulties getting started? Our support centre and documentation should kick-start your implementation. And if you’re still having issues with the use of Verifai, just reach out to us. Our specialists are eager to support you where needed.

Let's get started

We can’t wait to give your customers the best identity verification experience ever. Can you?