Disclaimer (February 2018)

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The following definitions are used in this disclaimer:

  • The webpage: every page of the website with a link to the disclaimer
  • The publisher: Verifai B.V.  
  • Use: consultation as mentioned reasoning and the resulting actions; 
  • You: the representation of a natural or legal personal;
  • The content: texts, movies and other information;
  • Damage; direct or indirect damage in any form.

The points below are applicable for all webpages.

  • By the use of the webpage, you agree with the content of this disclaimer.
  • The publisher updates the content and actualities of the webpage on a regular basis. Despite the full commitment of the publisher, the content on the webpage could be incorrect or incomplete.
  • The publisher provides the content of the webpage in the current state and on experimental basis. The content on the webpage is mentioned for private use.
  • The publisher is not reliable or responsible for any damage which is caused or may be caused, which in any aspect relates to (typing) errors displayed on the webpage.
  • The publisher may change or terminate the webpage on any moment, with or without a message notification before or after termination. The publisher is never responsible for the effects of termination or change.
  • The publisher is not responsible for linked files to third parties. A link to files of third parties does not imply ratification.
  • The publisher reserves the right to deny access to the webpage. Thereby, the publisher may monitor the (access to the) webpage.