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Will you join the club? Verifai is suitable for every market and application and fits like a glove: our SDK is easily integrated in your own software and branding. Learn more about what we can offer your industry.

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Seamless and smooth integration

Verifai fits like a glove: our SDK is easily integrated in your own software and branding. See how Verifai fits your organization in three use case examples.

Telco use case Hotel use case Airline use case

Use cases per industry

Financial services

Automate your global onboarding operations, while addressing your KYC and AML requirements on both a global and local scale. Learn more.


Government and law enforcement

Develop an airtight verification process to enable public officers to identify individuals and detect identity fraud within seconds. Learn more.

Border control and private security

We support security professionals in visitors tracking and performing quick yet reliable security checks. Learn more.

Software development and system integrators

Verifai fits your company’s jacket just right. Our SDK is built to be integrated into practically any app in the blink of an eye. No matter who your customers are, Verifai is suitable for industry-wide integration. Check our documentation page to find out how easy integration is! Learn more.



We believe in the future of the sharing-economy. Validation of end-user identity increases reliability of sharing-services. Verifai makes life easier by providing identity verification and order validation, to ensure security and reliability for all parties involved.



Enable your passengers to verify their identity document via your onboarding app and significantly reduce check-in time. Learn more.

Automotive and car rental industry

Allow your users to verify their driver's license quickly and remotely, thereby preventing damage, theft and identity fraud in one hit.

Tourism and hospitality

Easen your accommodation check-in process by integrating Verifai. Guest registration and validation has never been so easy. Learn more.


Retail and online shopping

Create a simple sign-up process for customers & community members, via a seamless online onboarding from any device. Learn more.

Healthcare and insurance

Create a simple online registration flow, thereby eliminating time-consuming manual verification processes. Learn more.


Entertainment and leisure

Verifai helps you prevent ticket fraud at large public events and provides you with a recorded proof of age, displayed and registered in your own application. Learn more.

Gaming industry

Let your users validate their age by scanning their ID after registration and thereby evade illegal use of your products.

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