Safe delivery starts with proper recipient verification

Let us verify your parcel recipients

Verifai provides state-of-the-art identity verification software solutions for your organization. Use our software for identity document verification and biometric authentication, full in compliance with local privacy regulations.

Don’t let packages fall in the wrong hands

  • Get assurance that the recipient is actually the person the package is intended for through a smart proof of identity check.
  • Adopt the Challenge 25 approach and perform age verification when delivering a package intended for adults.
  • Actively prevent identity fraud by deploying identity verification at critical points in the ordering or delivery process.
  • Especially relevant when it comes to products such as mobile phones, computer games, videos or pharmaceuticals.

Speed up the verification process, no matter the platform

Establish good cooperation between retailer and courier

  • Make clear agreements about who is responsible for the identity check: the sender, the courier, or both. 
  • Perform the identity check during the order process, the delivery process, or at both times for full certainty.
  • Prevent problems in legal responsibility in deliveries and the associated costs.

Start verifying your parcel recipients today

Mobile SDK, Web SDK or ready-to-use app? Choose the products that suit you best and create the best customer experience for every use case.

The identity verification platform built for security and growth

Gain a competitive advantage with fast and easy-to-use identity verification. Verifai's integrated platform lets you grow your business without hassle.

A dashboard to manage all your solutions in one place

Complete insight in scans and statistics, allowing you to stay in control of the costs. Manage the rights and permissions of co-workers so that only the appropriate person has access to the right information. And with unconditional access to all our SDKs and APIs for mobile & web, you always have the latest version at your fingertips. 

Data protection for tomorrow, built in today’s product

Customers expect a safe and transparent process, especially when it concerns personal data. At Verifai, the protection of personal data is top priority. According to the principle of privacy by design, we minimize data processing and maximize data confidentiality. Both within our own processes and by encouraging our customers to do the same.

Let's get started

We can’t wait to give your parcel recipients the best identity verification experience ever. Can you?