terms and conditions february 2019

The "Nederlands ICT Terms and Conditions" are applicable as general terms and conditions for all Verifai's products and services. 

payment terms and conditions february 2019

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1. With Verifai’s “pay per scan” model, payment will occur after each month’s usage. Invoicing occurs at the last day of the month. Verifai only accepts credit card payments made with a valid credit card. The following card types are supported: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.Other payment methods are available upon request.
2. With Verifai’s “pay as you go” model, payment will occur upfront. Payment occurs on the same day as the order is confirmed. Verifai accepts only payments with a valid credit card. After receiving the invoice, payment needs to be done within 30 working days. The ordered ID scan credits will be released within 24 hours on the customer’s digital wallet, only when the payment has been approved and received. The received value date as stated on Verifai’s bank note is regarded as the date of payment. 
3. When using the “pay as you go” model, Verifai reserves the right to change prices during the contracted period. In such a case, Verifai will inform the customer at least one month in advance about the price change. In such a case, Verifai reserves the right to abrogate the scan credits in the old model if the customer does not agree with the new prices. 
4. With Verifai’s “pay as you go” model, credits are available for an unlimited period of time. However, one should scan at least once per month to keep the existing account active. Verifai reserves the right to change the time period for which credits are available.  
5. Payment needs to be performed in one time, unless agreed by letter to pay terms, where each expired term is deemed to constitute as a separate payment. 
6. If the payment has not been received by the customer within the agreed term, Verifai reserves the right to fully dissolve, cancel or suspend the specific agreement without providing any further reason. 
The terms as mentioned in paragraph 1 and 2 of this article are mentioned as fatal terms according to the Dutch Law (Article 6:83 part a BW). The customer is legally in default if payment is not done within the agreed payment term. Verifai is legally entitled, without prejudice to its other rights, to claim the entire payment due, including trade interest, from the due date of the relevant invoice up to and including the day of full payment. Thereby, all extrajudicial and judicial costs are on the account of the customer. The amount of extrajudicial and judicial costs is calculated with a minimum of € 350, - conform the Dutch Bar Association. All costs which are included in Verifai bookkeeping will be used as proof related to its course. Verifai reserves the right to change any of the information stated above. In such a case, no right can be derived from previous payment terms and conditions.