privacy statement February 2018

We care about the privacy of our users. This privacy statement is intended to describe our
privacy practices related to Verifai's webpage and services.

Who is responsible for your data?
Verifai (legal name: Verifai B.V.) is responsible for all personal data which you share with us. You can find our contact details below:

Our correspondence address: Waagstraat 1 unit A, 9712 JX, Groningen, The Netherlands
Our postal address:  PO Box 17604, 1001 JM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Our registration number at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 61324612
Our VAT number:  NL854297686B01

If you have questions considering your privacy and online safety, you can always contact our Data Protection Officer via:

Which personal information do we store and why?
Verifai collects personal information in different ways. Which data we collect depends on the actions you perform on our webpage and applications: whether you  are only visiting our webpage, whether you are reaching us via our contact form or chat, or whether you have registered for a (trial) account. Privacy and online safety form the DNA of our company, so we store only a minimal amount of data as required to provide you with the best service to verify identity. We are happy to share 'how' we process your personal data below.

Online recognition
If you visit our webpage, we only store your IP-address and some basic functional cookies. This information helps us to provide you with the best service if you visit our webpage.

Registration of data
You can always register yourself for a free trial license or paid license. If you sign-up for our trial license, we only ask your e-mail, username and a unique password. If you sign up for a paid license, we require some additional information in order to process the invoice process. We ask you to share your name, surname, phone number (to activate two factor authentication for an additional level of security), and your company contact details.

Payment will always be performed in a secured payment environment. Furthermore, linking the payment to your personal invoice is always performed in a secured environment. In order to process your payment, we ask you to provide some payment details, such as (if applicable) name of the cardholder, credit card number, expiry date, and CVC. During credit card transactions, we will send you directly from our secure payment environment to the payment processor.

Using Verifai's demo 
When you use our free demo app, which you have downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store, we will collect some statistical data that helps us to improve our software. This data includes the number of scans you used, the date and time you used Verifai, and the document types you scanned with Verifai. We will also collect some basic details about your phone, such as type of the operating system (OS), OS version, type of mobile phone used. Thereby, the demo app sends us details about errors if they occur. With this information, we are able to improve Verifai and our services. The Verifai demo never stores any personal information on your device and Verifai does never send personal information to us.

Using Verifai
Verifai is the most privacy-proof id verification tool on the market. If you have a paid license and you have integrated Verifai in your own applications and servers, Verifai will never send any personal information to us or to other parties. All personal information you are processing with Verifai will be overwritten with random data as soon as the scan is performed. Processing of data is performed locally, on your own device or server. Verifai only sends information about the number of scans and some anonymized statistics back to us. This implies that we do not need to sign any processing agreement according to the General Data Protection Regulation. If you would like to receive more information on this matter, please read our document on the Data Processing Agreement here.

Customer service
We will try to provide you with the best service we can when you contact us. To ensure the best service, we will store all chat and e-mail conversations you have with our customer service. In some cases, we will record phone calls for training purposes. If the phone call will be recorded, we will tell you in front of the phone conversation. Sometimes, we ask you to share us some specific personal or company information during a chat, email or phone conversation. We will ask these questions to verify whether you are the person you say you are. Furthermore, we will make some side notes about our contact in order to know 'what' we discussed if you will contact us again on a later moment.

How do we handle your personal information?
Your privacy and online safety is important to us. For this reason, we only share personal information with third parties if it is necessary to provide you with the best service. We never sell your personal information to third parties. Also, please note that we neither store and use personal information you captured with our software, nor send it to third parties.
To ensure proper use of your personal information, we signed processing agreements with all third parties. This processing agreement contains all appointments about 'who' is responsible for which data. We signed a data processing agreement (DPA) with the following parties: 

  • Administration processors;
  • The processor of communication tools (telecom, chat, e-mail);
  • The processor of payments;
  • System integrators;
  • Datacenter.

Storage of personal data
We store your personal information no longer than necessary. Would you like to change your privacy settings? Please contact our team:

We ensure always the best information security. Our website is using a secure connection (regonizable by 'https' in the address field). Thereby, we are using the COMODO Secure RSA-certificates. We are using the best and up-to-date security software on the market, to ensure that personal data is stored fully secure at our servers. All servers we are deploy and using are based in the Netherlands.

We control and monitor all our employees around the day to ensure we know who have seen personal data. In this case, we know exactly what happened with your personal data. Thereby, all employees of Verifai have a declaration of good behavior (VOG). In this case, we are sure that your personal data will be processed safely.

Your rights
If you are a customer of Verifai, you can always send us a request to review, rectify, data portability, or to erase your personal information from our administration. Sent this request to In this case we will always ask you to verify whether you are the person you say you are. This is to ensure that your personal information does not fall in the wrong hands.

Removing your personal data
Of course it is possible to remove your data from our system, when you prefer to do so. Please note that this implies that you will no longer be a customer of Verifai and hence will not be able to use our services anymore. This is because in this case we will erase all your data from our system and we will therefore not know anymore whether you have ever ordered Verifai products.

Questions or remarks
If you have questions or remarks considering privacy or security, you can always reach us via or by contacting us using the contact information state above. For any other questions or complaints considering our privacy policy you can reach the Dutch Authority for Protection of Personal Data or the National Ombudsman.

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