Mobile SDK

Our multilingual iOS and Android SDK solutions are seamlessly implemented into your own mobile applications. Your end-user’s mobile device enables you to capture ID documents, verify the liveness of the user, and authenticate the document by reading the chip inside electronic identity documents.

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Key features

Automatic capture of the ID document

Verifai uses deep learning algorithms to automatically recognize the document model that’s being scanned, including the document type, issuing country, and exact document model of every ID with a machine-readable zone (MRZ). The recognition of the document is consequently used to capture the ID document in a safe manner.

Automatic privacy filters

Verifai allows you to set privacy filters, automatically masking personal and sensitive data during the scanning process. Which data zones are masked is fully configurable, depending on your specific use case. This ensures your ID verification operations are 100% GDPR-compliant.

Text extraction

We use AI-based OCR technology to read text from the machine-readable zone (MRZ). Our OCR rapidly detects and reads the MRZ text, which is then decoded to extract personal data in a matter of seconds. The extracted personal data is then compared to a predetermined validator, such as name or age, depending on your specific use case.

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NFC chip authentication

Verifai authenticates eIDs and e-Passports, simply using the built-in NFC reader of your device, by comparing the certificate of the chip with the official root certificate of the issuing country. This feature is available for both Android and iOS.

Local processing

The results from every scan can be processed into your systems. It’s fully up to you which data you would like to process. We guarantee full protection of personal data through local processing. Verifai never receives any personal data on its servers.

Additional checks

Our liveness check enables you to reduce the false acceptance rate by verifying the physical presence of an individual. In addition, we provide the possibility to perform manual checks on security features of the document to guarantee authenticity.


What sets us apart

Privacy & security

Our software is GDPR-compliant and enables you to mask privacy-sensitive personal information using machine learning algorithms. Once processing is done, Verifai overwrites the memory with random information.

Configurability & modularity

The modular nature of our software allows you to easily fully customize the flow, branding, and report results. We don't dictate the implementation process, but offer all tools to suit your specific needs.

Easy & quick implementation

Since the whole idea of our product is to make life easier, the software itself should work just as easily. That is why Verifai has been designed to be seamlessly implemented with minimal required time and effort.

Speed & accuracy

Powered by artificial intelligence, Verifai enables identity verification that takes place within seconds. And whether you’re running Verifai on a brand-new flagship phone or an older model: Verifai makes sure it gets the most out of your device.

Key specifications

iOS SDK Android SDK
Programming language


Java and Kotlin

OS version support

iOS 11+

Android 5+













Custom branding



Fully customized flow



Privacy filters



Local processing





Verifai dashboard



Supported documents

Over 2,000 identity documents from over 140 countries

Free updates







You're in good company

The largest Dutch telecom retailer Belsimpel sought to improve the speed and reliability of their identity verification process in stores and online. With Verifai, identification documents of customers are verified within seconds and necessary personal data is extracted. Fraudulent contract applications (and costs resulting from it) have been reduced significantly.

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Our comprehensive analytics dashboard provides you with interesting insights into your specific KPIs, regulate user agent rights & permissions and allows you to manage your product licenses.

Extensive ID database

Verifai currently supports over 2000 identity documents from more than 140 countries or territories, including passports, ID cards, residence permits and driver's licenses.

Technical support

We provide your team with the required technical support to solve issues that might arise during implementation. 

Result processing

Results from every scan are easily returned to your systems and are adaptable to your specific needs and legal requirements. Verifai never stores personal data of the performed scans on our own servers.

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