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Verifai is a Software Development Kit; a piece of the puzzle to integrate in your own software or application. This enables you to seamlessly integrate Verifai in your own business processes themed in your own branding. Our developers have engineered Verifai in different flavors, so Verifai suits your needs in almost every use case.

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what to do with the verifai sdk

We believe in a seamless integration of ID verification within your business processes. A software development kit (SDK) is a package of code which can be fully integrate in your own code. Good to know, some coding skills and a geeky mindset are required to build the Verifai SDK into your own applications and software.

id verification on mobile devices

The Verifai SDKs for iOS and Android will turn a mobile device straight into a smart and secure mobile ID verification device. Whether you have an app for Android or iOS, the Verifai SDKs will be up and running within a couple of hours.

documentation for mobile devices

back to the future on windows

The Verifai SDK for Windows enables you to perform ID verification straight on your personal computer, laptop or tablet. It couldn’t be easier.

documentation for Windows

embed on your website

Are you ready to boost your website to a higher level? Integrate the Verifai server-side SDK on your own servers and make a connection with your website. Perform ID verification in your browser

documentation for server side

bulk processing

Do you need to process a considerable number of identification documents and would you like to automate this? Don’t worry, the incredibly fast Verifai server-side SDK is the perfect solution to get the job done quickly. We deliver the SDK in Python and PHP, you can choose. You need to integrate the Verifai server-side SDK on your own GPU servers. Our server classifier and OCR engine are all REST API’s, so you are ready to go in no-time. 

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