Airliners and law enforcement

Develop an airtight verification process to identify individuals and detect identity fraud within seconds. Verifai supports security professionals in performing quick yet reliable security checks.

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The challenges we tackle

Simple, frictionless boarding

Flight boarding is a chaotic process, often even resulting in flight delays. This makes it a source of frustration for both organizations and passengers. Verifai automates flight boarding, thereby transforming this often disorderly process into a simple, frictionless, time-efficient one.

Border control and maintaining public order

The identification process is at the heart of border surveillance and law enforcement. This process can be slow and difficult to monitor. Verifai facilitates efficient identity verification by guiding the public officer through the identity document authentication process and automating personal data and report results processing.

Privacy policies

There is an increasing need for data privacy in society. The introduction of the GDPR has ensured that excessive personal data may no longer be processed if there is no necessary purpose for doing so. Verifai uses real-time privacy filters that cover irrelevant personal data when scanning identity documents. Besides, data is never stored on our servers, but only in your systems. This way, your organization always complies with the strict local and international privacy legislations.

Our products

Find out how our products benefit airliners and law enforcement organizations to perform ID verification.

Mobile SDK

Verifai’s iOS and Android SDK solutions are seamlessly implemented into your own mobile applications. Your mobile device enables you to verify the liveness of the user and NFC-chip of eIDs.

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The Verifai app

Verifai’s standalone apps for iOS and Android enable identity verification without any required coding or implementation efforts. Via easy-to-export reporting and customizable agent rights and permissions, the perfect solution for both F2F and remote interaction with your customer.

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Coming soon. Verifai’s Web SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate Verifai into your web application, without any app installation required. Facilitate a device handover from web to mobile to streamline the scanning process. Automatically add privacy filters during the process.

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The results you achieve


Reduce operational costs

Improve customer experience

Increase customer retention


Enhance due diligence

Reduce identity fraud

Comply to privacy laws

What sets us apart

Privacy & security

Our software is GDPR-compliant and enables you to mask privacy-sensitive personal information using machine learning algorithms. Once processing is done, Verifai overwrites the memory with random information.

Configurability & modularity

The modular nature of our software allows you to easily fully customize the flow, branding, and report results. We don't dictate the implementation process, but offer all tools to suit your specific needs.

Easy & quick implementation

Since the whole idea of our product is to make life easier, the software itself should work just as easily. That is why Verifai has been designed to be seamlessly implemented with minimal required time and effort.

Speed & accuracy

Powered by artificial intelligence, Verifai enables identity verification that takes place within seconds. And whether you’re running Verifai on a brand-new flagship phone or an older model: Verifai makes sure it gets the most out of your device.

More information

Verifai’s AI-powered OCR-technology

White paper

Verifai offers a unique identity verification service platform that allows identity document verification at high accuracy and high speed with use of optical character recognition. This white paper explains how Verifai uses artificial intelligence in its OCR system for identity verification. Furthermore, the paper explains the current challenges OCR, and how to ensure accurate identity verification of the user by the use of different optional checks.

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Is your organization active in the industry of logistics and delivery services, healthcare, telecommunications, education, casino and gambling, private security, employment or any other? Verifai seamlessly fits the use case for your industry. Contact us when you are ready to streamline your identity verification process.

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